I first got started in family history at the age of 17.  That was 14 years ago.  I have always had a love of history, but when I was presented with the story of my maternal grandfather, who was first fostered out to the only grandparents my mother knew and later adopted, I was left with a persistent desire to know who his real parents were and why he was adopted.  This is what started me on my family history journey.

With the help of my parents who are both born and bred Icelanders, I wrote up a list of questions to ask.  This list of questions,  I found in a book about finding your ancestors and I mailed these off to my grandparents in Iceland.  They answered to the best of their ability, but there were many gaps.  I was surprised to learn that my grandfather knew who his birth parents were and also, most of his birth siblings, as he listed their names on the questionnaire with all their dates of birth and some death dates.  So it was interesting, especially for my mother, to know that her father, who never spoke of his birth family, when she was a young girl, knew about his birth family.  With the help of my father I took the liberty to search for these siblings, and found that some of his younger siblings were still alive and living in Iceland.  I was able to find their address details and send them this same family history questionnaire, with my details, email, postal address and why I was chasing this information.

A few weeks later I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email, and it was from an Icelandic cousin, I had never heard of.  He was a man in his forties, writing on behalf of his mother, who was my grandfathers birth sister.  He said that his mother had been so excited to hear from me and she and her other sisters had always wondered about their older brother and what he looked like and was doing now.  From this cousin, who was himself an avid genealogist, like a large majority of Icelanders, I was sent through all the information he had collated on my grandfathers birth parents and siblings as well as photos of them.  To their delight and with the permission of my grandfather, I sent them some photos of my grandfather, who they had never met or seen .  He also connected me with Islendingbók, which is Iceland´s genealogical database, and I was suddenly bombarded with information and my own family tree, which dated back to characters from the Icelandic Sagas, in 850 AD.  I was told to take some of this information with a grain of salt, as the accuracy was not necessarily there, being such a long time ago.

Suddenly I had too much information, but it was this simple curiosity of mine that led to the reunion of my grandfather and his sisters, who finally met for the first time a few months later.  I wish I could have been there to witness this, but I was still in high school, and had to suffice with photos of the event.  I love to imagine that it was their mother and father, my great grandparents, now long gone from this earth, that somehow, aided me on this journey to reunite their children.  It was meant to happen.

And this was where it all started…..


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